Level Up Magazine ft. My Reaction

Level Up Magazine ft. My Reaction

By the title you can already tell what the post is about so instead of blabbing on I'll leave a link below for you to be teleported over to Level Up Magazine website to read the amazing write up they did about us as an upcoming independent brand.  

Press Here to Read Level-Up Write Up 

You could imagine my jaw dropped as I saw us tagged in their story. I dropped my packages walking into the post office. I thought it was a joke so I walked back outside to double check i read correctly and yep the label has it's own write up. first instinct was to call the mister but he was playing playstation with our munchkins so i called my sister Tatiana (owner of Luxurious Lace Lingerie) and we both jumped up and down on the phone for a good 6- 7 mins. 

What a blessing to be noticed for the hard work and love for what I do go noticed on the other side of the world. I started out thinking ahhh i just want a platform to show my creativity and well I thank the INTERNET and like minded individuals across the globe. 


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Remember to support ya local creative's and pass on a smile to a stranger..  

Let us know what you thought of the write by Level-Up Magazine 




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