Issa D.I.Y

Issa D.I.Y


Hey B, 

Hope you are doing well, especially during this forced timeout we have found ourselves in. Shiii is real.Things seem to be crumbling around us. Managing my  media / news updates or the negativity in my thoughts surrounding personal life and business I"ve decided to make time my biiiiish and get creative. 

Created this mini tutorial. Hopefully some of you who view this and try it out. If you do tag Misfitz Lane and #IssaReWerq on Instagram

 Great for any age and you're upcycling which saves it from the tip.

Below are instructions to video above. 


What you will need

  • A Graphic/ Plain Tee (T-Shirt used M male sized M)
  • Scissors 
  • Glue
  • Embellishments


  1. Pick a T-shirt 
  2. Lay T-shirt out on a flat surface
  3. Fold T- Shirt in half 
  4. Using your scissors cut desired strap size using the sleeves as a guide
  5. Cut neckline shape out 
  6. Lay T-shirt out flat again and cut strips from the bottom up desired length (will depend on size of T-shirt) 
  7. Begin knotting back and front strips

            Alternatives -for less gaps once I finished first set of knots i overlapped strips of the knots

       - In this step you can also flip the T-shirt inside out and tie the strips up if the fringe effect is not your

         vibe. Cut excess fringe and reflip T-shirt 

       8. Add Embellishments of your choice 

       and you are done. 


This is my first time doing a tutorial so bare with me. If you have any questions I have a extra time on my hands send a message.

Thanks for dropping by. 

Sending Love xx


I do not own rights to this song

Song; Say Less- Ashanti & Ty Dolla Sign



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