Twenty 19

Twenty 19

2 weeks into 2019 and feeling so very thankful. 

Firstly, I'd love to wish all our fellow Misfitz a Happy New Year. Pushing good vibes out to all your 2019 adventures. We had some amazing experiences over the holiday period into the new year so follow our social media if you want to keep up everything Misfitz Lane. 

Back in action and can't wait to fill your year with strange yet beautiful content. There is also some footage from our November and December 2018 Markets I need finish and post. Forgive the delay but the business is learning and embracing the hiccups and learning to recover quickly. There are some announcements & events we will be openly sharing soon.  Although I haven't been regular I've been away exploring new mediums and mingling with like-minded beings and can't wait to share the magic over the year. 

Thanks again for the love and support by sharing the biz (on your platforms and word of mouth). I really do appreciate it. Hope to show the same love in all your 2019 goals. There is so much pie every one can get a piece. Stay focused and start today. What's the use in waiting on the world to change??

Til next Post, 

Remember to support ya local creative's and go make a stranger smile..  


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