Winter Market @ Dr Morse

Winter Market @ Dr Morse

 Misfitz Lane was lucky to bag a stall at the Winter Market @ Dr. Morse on Sunday, June 2nd. The sun pushed out the clouds that casted doubt although the roller roof was prepared for the green courtyard. Conversations with many brunchers carrying on from last night or just starting their weekend. Smells and tastings of Asian street food with Funkified tunes dropped by vinyl created the the atmosphere. 

Surprised our 3 year old managed to enjoy the day without a fuss too. Seeing some old friends helped as they finally met him and distract him here and there. Big shout out to all the staff too for making us feel welcome and entertaining our lil guy.   


Highly recommend trying their menu and their own made cinnamon whiskey that stuff is on point. Like it's up there for me on the whiskey scale for me. Haha..

Usually we use our surroundings as the backdrop (a lil tip from my friend Tenny) and the venue allowed as much space we needed with access of bar tables and stools. As u see below we forgot the rack and used the floating bar table.

Making note of what worked and what didn't for the markets help as we have only been involved in city markets where the demographic is broader but we were successful in making smiles and conversations & a few sales with the Abbotsford locals. During the slower moments i'll also note down what i could use to make booth table more eye catching or a tool i forgot to bring. 

We didn't make as much as I normally do at markets but as per usual hoops and hand painted denim left quickly. A couple up-cycled pieces grabbed attention. Being something not commonly known yet and Sunday weather wasn't pulling out a crowd it mainly became a network/ showcasing event for the mister and I. Many were interested in my custom work which I initially doubted. Thank goodness I stocked up on business cards too. 


All in all we had an awesome family day while I made some business connections and Shhhhhhmoney!! I'm getting better at this market setup too. Stay tuned for future market dates. Beginning to enjoy stepping out from behind the screen and meeting customers who become homies. Hoping you had a wonderful weekend and ready to focus on this weeks goals big or small.

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 Major shoutouts to Pauly, the Dr. Morse Bar Staff especially Anna & Annabelle you guys are heaven sent.  


If you have any tips on markets please let a sis know. Hopefully I'll catch you at the net one. 

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